Cupping is a traditional Asian medicine, used in China for thousands of years.

Cupping uses suction to create space and separation in the tissues, stimulating blood circulation and encouraging muscle release. Cupping can dispel stagnation and expel pathogenic factors through the surface layers of the skin.

The treatment is deeply relaxing creating a feeling of warmth and gentle release, as the body let’s go of deep muscular tension, stress and emotion.

In Traditional Chinese Medicine, cups are placed on ‘Shu’ points along the back, for five to fifteen minutes. Each ‘Shu’ point relates to a specific internal organ, this treatment can regulate and balance the organs. The cups are moved over these areas and along the meridians on the body. This allows stagnate ‘Qi’ to be moved, releasing blockages and energising the whole system.

Cupping can be very effective for muscular-skeletal problems.


Ruth uses a combination of ‘fire ‘ cups and silicone cups. Oil is used alongside the cups during a treatment.

Chinese cupping
A treatment can:


Marks or discoloration can occur, for up to a few days after a treatment. These are not bruises, and shouldn’t be sensitive to touch. This discoloration occurs when pathogens are drawn to the surface of the skin, to be expelled from the body.