Pregnancy massage

Pregnancy massage

Massage can support your changing body, throughout all stages of pregnancy and after the birth.

Therapeutic massage has been used for centuries to support the body during pregnancy. There are many benefits to both mother and baby from regular massage treatments throughout each trimester.

Ruth offers a combination of Swedish Massage and Myo-Fascia Release to help relax muscle tension, whilst improving lymphatic and blood circulation.

Regular massage can:

The treatment can leave you and your baby in a state of deep relaxation, or deeply energised, depending on what you need at the time.

During the treatment, you will be in a side-lying position on a couch, supported by pillows. This is the safest position for you and the baby. An exercise ball may be used for part of the treatment.

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Shiatsu points are used in the later stages of pregnancy to prepare your body for the birth.

Post Natal Massage can help to address postural issues after the birth.

The treatment combines, Swedish Massage, Deep Tissue and Myo-Fascia Release with Joint Mobilisation. Regular sessions can help to re-align your body, and release muscular tension and chronic pain.